Animal Circus

Bonus rounds and Free Spin

Bet options in Animal Circus: 
4 animals in Animal Circus (crocodile, tiger, squirrel, panda) 
3 colors in Animal Circus (red, green, yellow) total 12 bet options.
In additional ,there are 3 more options for betting, Banker, Tie and Player.


Cannon bonus: Cannon will randomly appear and bring you 2, 3, 4, 5 multiplier win.
Stage bonus: Stage feature Animal Circus will randomly appear and give you extra stops, more opportunities, more wins.
Color bonus: When you win color bonus in Animal Circus, any animals as long as this color are considered to win.
Gold animail bonus: When you win gold animal in Animal Circus, these type of the animal, no matter what color are all wins.
"Jackpot" : After running light stop,will gift random Jackpot

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